Landmark Cities in Indonesia Frequently Visited by Local Tourists

Not only having beautiful natural tourist destinations, Indonesia also has tremendous potential in terms of culture, history and various other types of tourism that you can visit. Almost all cities in Indonesia have their respective landmarks, this is usually a characteristic of the city. Starting from old buildings to monuments that reminders of the services of predecessors who have died in a tragedy.

Monas – This National Monument or commonly abbreviated as Monas, is one of the landmarks of the capital city of Jakarta. There, you can visit while studying the history contained in the Monas museum.

Tugu Jogja – Tugu Jogja itself is in the middle of a crossroad between Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Margo Utomo. The monument which is also often called Tugu Pal Putih was built by Hamengkubuwana I, the founder of the Kraton Yogyakarta. That said, this monument is in a straight line with Mount Merapi and the Palace.

Jam Gadang – Located in Bukit Tinggi Padang, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Jam Gadang is one of the famous landmarks that you can visit. In addition, the landmark was made in the typical building style of the land, namely Padang.

Simpang Lima Gumul Monument – Simpang Lima Gumul Monument or commonly abbreviated as SLG was inaugurated in 2008. Since then, this monument has become a new public space in Kediri which is always busy with youth activities.

Siger Tower – Located in Bukit Gamping, Bakauheni District, South Lampung Regency. The Siger Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks that you can visit during weekend holidays.


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