Jambi-The Hidden Paradise

A campaign for hidden paradise tourism in Jambi has been launched. Tourists are invited to enjoy various tourist objects that apply health protocols. The aim of this campaign is to promote the beautiful Jambi tourist destinations and their superior products.

The Jambi Exploration Campaign-The Hidden Paradise in Jambi is part of the Indonesian National Proud Movement (Gernas BBI) and Proud Tourism #diIndonesiaAja (BBWI) program which focuses on raising tourism potential and regional superior products.

More than that, what Jambi has done can be an example for other provinces. This spirit is a motivation and reminds us all, that Indonesia is rich in local wisdom, culture and history. With this campaign, now everyone can see the rich and diverse potential of Jambi, from batik to songket which is known to have profound meaning and noble values.

The other side of natural beauty and historical power are also Jambi’s advantages. For example, Muaro Jambi Temple, relics of the Srivijaya and Malay kingdoms as well as Mount Kerinci and Gunung Tujuh Lake. In order to save noble values and local wisdom, pack it attractively, support it with adequate amenities and hospitality, prepare to welcome domestic and foreign tourists.


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