Grebeg Suro Ponorogo

Grebeg Ponorogo Traditional Ceremony - Ponorogo

Grebeg Ponorogo

Is the biggest culture event in Ponorogo regency that held on a certain occasion of welcomed Islam New Year or Saka New Year that often known as one suro date (one of Javanese month). This agenda entered East Java tourism calendar (Calendar of event).

Grebeg Suro is the ritual culture incident and became the party site of Ponorogo people. Usually it begun a week before 1 Suro.
It is the series of Grebeg Suro agenda is Reog National festival, various good activity sorts the race and the exhibition and ended with Larungan agenda in Ngebel lake.

The parade of the elephant statue that consist of the musical procession and the elephant statues. Those statues have received by human kind and climbed onto by two children. This art is has influenced by Islam culture.

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