Grape Tourism Forest

Grape Forest Madiun

Grape Forest Tour

Grape [gra pe] forest, is such a forest tourism in Madiun, East Java. This tourism object is located in the middle of the teak cultivation seed forest and including the protected tree forest. It states about 17 km from Madiun city to the east side. Presicelly, in Wungu village, Wungu district, the area is about 5 ha.

This place is sol calm and fresh because, having green sightseeing and clean fresh air. It is suitable for family recreation and need natural scenery to release tenses during the routine. Moreover, when school holiday this place is very busy visited by adolescents or students.

The available facilities at this park is include children’s playground, a hall for a meeting place and the forest. There is also a river that flows, which the sourced is directly coming from mountain springs of Dungus area.

The visitors can do some sports like mountain bike, hiking, rock climbing, or even an August camp for students or boy scout. The atmosphere and the nuance makes this forest become a pleasent place for family gathering or outdoor activity spot.

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