Borobudur Temple, One of Indonesia’s Wonder Site, Magelang – Central Java

Borobudur Temple is one of World Seven Wonder that located in Magelang, Central Java. At early begin, this magnificent temple was built by using, more less, 55.000 m3 of stones.

This temple is a 9th century temple and it is a Mahayana Buddhist Monument. The monument in the building is decorated with 2.672 relief panels and there are 504 Buddha Statues. At the main dome, wich located at the top of the platform, there are 72 Buddha statues surrounded and seated inside the perforated stupa. The entire series of reliefs in Borobudur are contain the teachings of Buddhism. At that time, the building of Borobudur were limelight and it was worshiped as a sacred building.

During the development, the Borobudur has ups and downs situation. But after the final build, this temple was become a research and development center of Buddhism. There is Buddhist followers visited Borobudur to study Buddhism.

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