Teluk Wondama, 'Floating Paradise' Next to Raja Ampat

Teluk Wondama Regency is located in the Bird's Head area of Papua Island, which is one of the regencies in West Papua Province. Teluk Wondama is a part of Teluk Cenderawasih National Park area. There are various tours that tourists can enjoy in the area, ranging from marine tourism to historical tourism. For those who want to snorkel or dive, go to Rumberpon Island, Nusrowi Island, Mioswar Island, Roon Island, Yoop Island, and Windesi Waters.

Teluk Wondama is part of tropical monsoon climate which is characterized by high temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year or wet tropics. The northwest monsoon or rainy season, generally occurs from December to March, so the southeast monsoon or dry season lasts from May to October. The monsoon change is marked by several changes in the physical mechanisms of the atmosphere that produce strong seasonal winds that distinguish between the rainy season and the dry season.

Because of its beauty and natural wealth, Teluk Cenderawasih National Park area, which is part of Teluk Wondama district, has the potential to become a main tourist destination. Many activities can be done in this area, from enjoying the beauty of the islands with their beaches, enjoying the amazing underwater beauty, observing animals (such as whales, dolphins, birds, etc.), surfing, fishing, enjoying hot springs, to cultural and historical tours, such as visiting the unique village of Yende with its old church, or visiting the caves of the Numfor people where there are human skulls, antique plates and carved coffin.

Rumberpon Island and Nusrowi Island can be a destination spot for bird watching, deer, ornamental fish, and coral reefs. The white sandy island of Rumberpon is often referred to by local people as a 'floating paradise' because of its beauty. Rumberpon Island is a high coral hill formed from Silurian calcareous deposits, flanked by Quartenary rocks in the east. While observing whale sharks and dolphins can be done on Yoop Island and Windesi Waters.

Historical caves can also found on Mioswaar Island. On Mioswar Island, the central hills are formed of black slate and jurassic quartzite. For those who want cultural arts tourism, you can visit Yende Village on Roon Island. The island also has an old church that still holds a Bible published in 1898.

Those who want to climb and hiking, can go to Aitumeri Hill. From the top, tourists can enjoy a 360-degree view of Teluk Wondama area. The Aitumeri area was once the center of education in Papua.

Like other districts in West Papua, there are several rivers that cross the Teluk Wondama regency. The main river in Teluk Wondama is Wosimi River. The length of this river is about 55 Km, flows from south to north and empties into Wandamen Bay. This river is used by local people as a transportation route.

How to get there?
Teluk Wondama currently only accessible by air and sea. The main gate of this district is Wasior which can be reached from Manokwari. Flight services from Manokwari to Wasior Airport are available every day, flights with Susi Air Twin-Otter aircraft with passenger capacity of 14 people and a travel time of about 50 minutes.

Sea transportation by boat is available 3 times a week from Manokwari to Wasior Pier and to Windesi Pier. The travel time from Manokwari to Wasior Pier varies according to the type of boat, from 7 hours to 14 hours.

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