Weriagar River

The Weriagar River is the lifeblood of the Weriagar people. They cannot live without this river. In addition to meeting their daily needs such as washing, bathing and drinking, the Weriagar people cross this river to look for sago and visit their gardens deep in the forest. The Weriagar people can also be called river explorers. Sometimes they wade through this river to its head, namely Lake Tanimot.

When the sea waves are not friendly, the Weriagar local people choose to fish in big rivers and small rivers. In certain seasons, they even explore the river up to Lake Tanimot, which is no longer in the Teluk Bintuni district. It takes half a day or about 5-6 hours to reach this lake from Weriagar district by long boat.

The forests along the Weriagar river which are rich in sago are really still virgin and very dense. From within the forest, came the sounds of animals calling out, such as insects and birds. In these forests, there a lot of wild animals such as cassowaries, deer, wild boars, snakes and many more.

When visiting this area, you can walk along this river by using a wooden canoe. You can ask for local residents help to accompany you along this beautiful river. The majority of local people has wooden canoes because that is their means of transportation. You can see the beauty of the river and its surroundings by riding a small but tough canoe belonging to the residents.

This river can indeed be enjoyed by riding the canoe. You will be invited by residents who already know the path there to see the entire river. Along the river, you will be treated to a very beautiful view. Many aquatic plants and land plants that grow around the river which is quite calm. In fact, there are many plants that soar upward so as to prevent the sun's rays entering the hallway of your trip.

Therefore, you can feel a dark and quiet journey so it feels very scary. But not all places are like that, there are only a few spots so there's no need to be afraid. Moreover, there are local residents who are used to passing there.

These small rivers around the Weriagar river are commonly called Kali Mati (dead rivera) because these rivers have a dead end. There is also a river called the dambrengga canal, where the people of Weriagar grow fruits and vegetables. If you are lucky, when you visit here and take a canoe down the river, you can meet reptiles. One that you can easily find here is the estuarine crocodile. These crocodiles live in this river and side by side with the community. As long as they don't feel disturbed, they won't attack humans either.

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