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Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua, has a number of stunning tourism potentials. Suitable for travelers or travel lovers who want to enjoy the natural charm in this area. One of the tourist destinations in Teluk Bintuni that has not been visited by many tourists but has tremendous tourism potential is the Masina tourist village.

Masina Village is a tourist village in Teluk Bintuni with a tourism village theme. Masina Village is located in the Bintuni district, Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua. A unique village because it is located right between the hills and the mouth of the river. Anyone who comes here can clearly see the beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the original Papuan village, visitors can also enjoy the natural beauty around the village.

In addition to enjoying enchanting river tours, visitors can explore around the village which is still dominated by gardens, forests and village customs. Visitors can also try some unique and tasty traditional snacks and food from the Masina village. All food is prepared by local people and uses ingredients from around their gardens which of course all come from nature.

You will surely enjoy the unspoiled and friendly atmosphere of the village, which will bring special memories for your trip. Especially when walking around the village, meeting local people and children playing fun. No dust, smoke and vehicle noise, you really are in a fresh natural village. Isn't this fun?

There are indigenous tribes living in this village. So, you can interact directly with them. Don't be shy, because the Papuan people are very welcoming and friendly. In an effort to conserve mangrove forests, in 2019 Teluk Bintuni area was planted with 1000 mangrove seedlings. This is done based on cooperation between government agencies, and the surrounding community as managers.

Let's get to know West Papua more closely by visiting Masina Village! Guaranteed you will feel at home long here.

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