Botai Waterfall

As the name implies, this waterfall is also located in Botai Village, Manimeri District, Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua. The distance is about 45 km from Bintuni downtown, or about 2 hours by road. Arriving at Kampung Botai, you still have to continue the journey on foot for about 2 hours, because it is located in the middle of the jungle without any vehicle access. So, don't forget to bring your provisions before leaving for the location, especially drinking water, because it is certain that your energy will be drained a lot during the trip. Even though it's quite far and tiring, your sweat will pay off as soon as you get to the location.

You will arrive at an amazing natural waterfall. Botai waterfall as high as 20 meters. The flow is not too heavy, but at least it is enough to wet you with the splashes of water it causes. When the rainy season arrives, the flow of water at Botai Waterfall also increases, it's just that it will be a little more cloudy than the dry season. Under the waterfall, there is a natural pool, decorated with wide rectangular stone.

Visit to the waterfall is certainly not complete if you don't feel the splash of water directly. Well, you can also take advantage of the natural pool under the waterfall as a place to swim or just soak while enjoying nature. However, you also have to be careful, don't swim right under the splash of the waterfall, something unexpected might happen like for example some material will fall into the flow of water from above. You can also set up a tent around the flow of the waterfall, while enjoying the melodious sound of birds chirping and the green of the unspoiled forest.

Yes, you can do camping around the waterfall if you want to enjoy this natural beauty longer. This activity can make you more refreshed and unforgettable. But before that, you have to ask permission from the local people and don't forget to bring food and drink. You also have to maintain the cleanliness of nature by not throwing garbage around the location of the waterfall. Enjoy nature and keep it clean.

The beauty of this waterfall has not been touched at all by humans, the lush forest and clear water make this location an attraction for tourists to visit and enjoy the view of the waterfall. Not far from the location of the Botai waterfall, there are rectangular-shaped rocks, coupled with thick trees, making this tourist beauty quite popular if it is developed into a tourist asset because of its natural beauty.

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