Beautiful Beach Mainstay Pearl From Eastern Indonesia

Teluk Bintuni holds a lot of natural resources, from beautiful scenery to natural resources. Tourist destinations here are famous for their natural beauty. Many of the natural attractions of Teluk Bintuni have not been touched or managed by the Government so that their beauty is still maintained.

One of the favorite tours in Papua is located on the neck of the bird's head part of the island (Papua island land looks like a bird). The exotic scenery presented by Boombara Beach is not much different from other beaches in Papua. The combination of clear sea water on the beach, and white sand with a natural atmosphere and the shade of coconut trees makes anyone want to enjoy the beach in a relaxed manner.

This beach is very beautiful and has the same characteristics of the beaches on the easternmost island of Indonesia. The characteristics are clear watery beaches, exotic views, and white sand.

You can find all the beauty of the beaches of Papua in Boombara. Not only the clear sea water, this beach is also surrounded by shady coconut trees and a stretch of white sand that very soft on your bare feet. Because the sand is very soft, you and your family can play the sand there. Build sandcastles or make various unique and interesting shapes to fill your vacation time happily.

Furthermore, those of you who want to look exotic, can sunbathe under the shady leaves of coconut trees on the beach. Do sunbathing a few hours and guaranteed, your skin will more brown and healthy. The waves are not big, so if you want to swim, it will not be a problem there. Just prepare your clothes so you can show the most interesting impression on this holiday. But still, don't let your guard down and swim to the middle because after all, Papua's waters are still quite virgin.

Not only that, you can take pictures with the background of the sea and a very beautiful sunset at Boombara. Captured this moment and post on social media, so you can always remember how beautiful the sunset in Papua is.

Not only playing at Boombara Beach, it's also a good idea to visit other tours, such as the Teluk Bintuni Nature Reserve which is a Mangrove conservation area and is one of the world's oxygen source of the world, Bintuni City Park which has many beautiful gazebos, to Karst Caves which are still a favorite place for climbers.

How to get there?
To get to Teluk Bintuni, you can take land or air. Don't worry about transportation access in this city. There, you will see that there is public transportation to reach these tourist sites. That is why, those of you who intend to go to Teluk Bituni can travel in comfort feel, without fear of disturbance.

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