Tambrauw Regency, West Papua, still loses prestige by its close relative, Raja Ampat. Even though the area in the "forehead" of the bird's head island (Papua island) has an alluring natural charm. Tambrauw is still not interested by tourists. Tambrauw is only known as one of the trajectories that connects two major cities in West Papua, they are Sorong and Manokwari. However, as an area that stretches from the mountains to the coast, Tambrauw saves many tourist destinations of marine, natural and cultural tourism.

From the maritime side, Tambrauw has a special beach where leatherback turtles or Dermochelys coriacea lay their eggs, namely Jamursba Medi beach. This beach is located in Abun District with 18 kilometers coastline. By sea from Sausapor Port in Sausapor District or the temporary capital of Tambrauw Regency, Jamursba Medi can be reached in two hours by speed boat.

This beach has been reviewed in a documentary entitled Journey to the South Pacific by MacGillivary Freeman and IMAX Entertainment. It is said that Jamursba Medi is the largest egg-laying habitat for leatherback turtles in the world. This turtle migrates from California and travels for about six months to reach the Tambrauw waters across the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the turtle nesting site which is claimed to be rare, Tambrauw is also a site for World War II. In some places, such as the War District (a 30-minute walk from Sausapor downtown), eight artillery tanks were found scattered at several points. That said, this tank belongs to the allies. The condition of the tank is still intact. But almost all parts are rusty and covered with creeping plants. The tank is in the middle of the forest, about 1 kilometer from the highway. This forest belongs to indigenous peoples who are well guarded by several clans. One of them is the Yekese clan. Several relics were also found, like spur mats scattered in the gardens belonging to local people. Also the Macarthur heritage runway.

From natural perspective, Tambrauw Regency has several unexplored advantages. In the Kebar District, which is four-hour drive from Sausapor, for example, there is a giant savanna. The savanna nickname is Teletubbies Hill, which is actually called Sontiri Hill.

Sontiri hill is like a basin. Its territory is hilly basin surrounded by mountains. The mountains are Tambrauw's landmarks, named the Tambrau Mountains. From afar, the hills appear to stretch like a natural carpet. The hill is also crossing place for wild deer. In fairly sunny conditions, the golden rays of the sunrise and sunset will turn Sontiri into a red light valley.

Teletubbies Hill is less than 2 kilometers from the center of Kebar District. Behind the hill, there is a natural hot spring that comes from natural gas or geothermal. This bath is War Aremi. People often use it for relaxation.

As for in Miyah District, there is a hidden seven-level waterfall with overflow height of 200 meters. This waterfall is popularly known as Anenderat and full of local wisdom. There, people live with strong customs. Miyah district is surrounded by conservation forest. In the forest, dwells Cenderawasih, an endemic bird to Papua. Early in the morning, the chirping of birds would fill the sky of Miyah District.

How to get there?
To get to Tambrauw Regency, tourists can choose two entrances by air, including Dominique Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong. From here, the journey continues using a double cabin vehicle by land with travel time of about four hours to Sausapor.

Another alternative is through Rendani Airport, Manokwari. From the airport, the journey continues using a double cabin vehicle to Kebar with a travel time of about four hours. You can also take the sea route from Sorong to Sausapor with travel time of 2.5 hours.

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