Visiting Deiyai Regency, Papua Province

Papua Province perhaps becomes the last tourist destination to visit in Indonesia. It is because the location is quite far from the capital of the nation and nature is quite lush or secluded. Despite the long trip and difficulty, tourists won’t regret visiting the region, though. For instance, they can visit Deiyai Regency, which is known for its highlands and lakes. This new region derives from Paniai Regency, actually. No wonder, the location is close to each other. In terms of tourism, visitors usually enjoy exploration, trekking, sightseeing, and photography.

The Nuance
Even though Deiyai Regency is not as famous as Raja Ampat, it is worth a visit, for sure. The location is on 1700 meters above the sea level and it features several famous lakes! The capital is Tigi District and the most crowded site is called Waghete City, where the regent’s office resides. In terms of topography, it varies! Thus tourists can enjoy numerous types of natural attractions there. However, the beaches are not available. What about the local people? West and East Tigi have the most population while Kapiraya District has the least. As for accommodations and facilities, tourists can only find some good hotels and eateries. Somehow, it requires a local guide’s help to explore the region efficiently later.

Exploring Deiyai Regency
So, what can tourists do in Deiyai Regency? Well, the most favorite tourist site is definitely the ancient lake called Tigi Lake. Thus, almost all tourists are likely to visit the lake first before exploring other allures. For the information, the lake is located on highland and it has a depth of about 150 meters. The atmosphere is chilly there, so tourists would be able to relax and get rid of stresses while watching the lake from the foot of Deiyai Mountain.

Next, tourists should reach Duamo Island, which is located in the midst of Tigi Lake! After that, it is recommended to enjoy fishing! The region is abundant of fishes and freshwater shrimps, after all. Some of them are tilapias, eels, mujair, sembilan hitam, and carps. For the best result, it is recommended to come with a local fisherman who knows the best spot for fishing. In fact, tourists can borrow a fishing rod and other equipment from him.

What is more? Deiyai Regency is also known for its culture! That means tourists should not forget to approach the locals during the visit. The most famous one is called Mee Tribe, who live on highlands. These people have a unique traditional house called Honai. Aside from taking photos, tourists can watch and learn daily local activities on the site later!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tage Lake
  • Paniai Lake
  • Tigi Lake
  • Pantai Berbatu Lake

How to Get There
It is definitely easy to reach Deiyai Regency. The first destination is Nabire Regency at Papua Province and tourists can get there fast by airplane. From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), in this case, a flight to Nabire Airport would take around 8 hours and 5 minutes. Once arriving at the airport, tourists can take a local transportation service and head to Dieyai Regency right away. The distance is 169 km, so the trip would take at least 4 hours and 51 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Sheraton Inn
  • Brilian Homestay

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