Rumah Pohon in Asmat Regency, Papua Province

Many beautiful allures await tourists in Asmat Regency. The region is known for their rivers and swamp forest, actually. Moreover, local tribes show a unique way of living and cultures. One of them is the presence of tree houses. Both Korowai and Asmat Tribe still live on a tree! This unique culture indeed attracts lots of tourists and outsiders, even foreigners! Visitors usually want to take photos of those trees and climb them. Still, it requires special permission in order to enter the houses. Have no worries. Some local guides would help tourists to approach the tribes later.

The Nuance
As people may expect, Rumah Pohon or tree houses can be found in the midst of a forest. Thus, tourists must know the exact location first. As the name suggests, these houses are built of a tall tree! The materials are simple and traditional, though. No wonder, they look fragile and unattractive. Despite the fact, these houses look unique and worth photo shots! As for the nuance, the site feels peaceful as it is surrounded by shady trees and bushy plants. The tribes are normally welcoming, but everyone should not act carelessly when approaching them.

Exploring Rumah Pohon
The prime allure is indeed the appearance itself. All tourists would be impressed by the simple design. Even though the locals only used traditional materials to build these houses, the construction is sturdy enough to withstand bad weather! As for the size, it is considered moderate. These houses are located on a tree, with a regular height of about 50 meters! For the information, another name is Rumah Tinggi, which means the tall houses. Some of these houses are only about 15 meters above the ground, however.

Aside from photography, visitors can find information regarding the construction process. In this case, they must approach villagers and talk to them nicely. It is said the locals only choose a tree with a big and thick trunk to build the house on it. The construction is connected by rattans and all of the materials come from woods, branches, sago tree, barks, etc. In order to reach the house, though, everyone should climb the wooden stairs. According to the locals, they even perform a ritual before occupying the house after the building. The purpose is to eradicate demons.

For the best experience, tourists are recommended to climb and enter the tree houses. Once again, it requires permission in order to enter the house. After getting on it, visitors can feel a rare nuance! Plus, the panoramas look great up there. They would be lucky to have dinner with the owner of the houses, too! Thus, don’t forget to approach the villagers nicely during the negotiation.

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How to Get There
Tourists need to reach Asmat Regency first if they want to see those tree houses directly. For outsiders, the trip would cost both time and effort indeed. Have no worries. It can be done fast by airplane. From Jakarta City, for example, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Mozes Airport would take around 5 hours. It can be longer during the bad weather, though. Once arriving at Asmat Regency, they should hire a local guide who can show where the tree houses are. It is not easy to approach the local tribes, after all.

Where to Stay

  • Sang Surya Hotel
  • Anggrek Hotel
  • Asmat Permai Hotel
  • Tagari Inn
  • Assedu Hotel
  • Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

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