Cultural Festival in Asmat Regency, Papua Province

Asmat Regency has become one of the best regions to visit in Papua Province. The region has both attractive wild nature and interesting cultures, after all. When it comes to popularity, there is a cultural festival. The Indonesian locals call it Festival Pesta Budaya, actually. The locals gather in a special place and exhibit their traditions. The merriment indeed lures lots of tourists over time! The only consideration is the schedule. It is because the festival is only done at a certain time, so tourists must find out the schedule first. Thus, it is better to talk to a tour agent first regarding the timetable before heading to Asmat Regency.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance is merry due to the presence of lots of local artists and the audience. The festival is done in an open area, so everyone can watch the event clearly. As for the participants, both local dancers and sculptors gather to show their skills. They wear unique traditional clothes, as well. As for the audience, they can watch the performance nearby. One thing, the atmosphere becomes hot at noon, so they must find a shady area to enjoy the festival comfortably.

More about Cultural Festival
There must be reasons for enjoying Pesta Budaya Asmat. The most common one is indeed to learn about local cultures. The first thing to enjoy is the dance. Local dancers perform the dance in an entertaining way and they show various ambiances while dancing. The dance even features beautiful accompaniment, especially Tifa. Somehow, the performance hypnotizes the audience due to both the beauty and uniqueness. While watching it, tourists are allowed to take photos, as well.

Aside from the dance, the festival shows lots of stunning wooden carvings. Lots of sculptors exhibit their works during the event. Visitors would definitely be astonished by these beautiful works of arts. It is even possible to buy some after negotiating with the artists. Tourists even have the chance to learn how to make one with the help of those sculptors! It costs some money to pay for the service, though.

What is more? During the cultural festival, tourists can enjoy the famous rowing race. It is done in Syirets River and participated by the locals. The race looks fun and competitive! Thus, everyone should not forget to take photos while watching it. Also, they must find the right spot to watch it. The race is done at Syirets River, after all. Thus, tourists should choose a good place at the river bank in order to watch the contest.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pomats River
  • Rawa Baki
  • Unir River
  • Agats City
  • Lorentz National Park

How to Get There
For outsiders, it is recommended to reach Asmat Regency at Papua Province by airplane. The purpose is for a faster and more comfortable trip. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Asmat City would take around 5 hours. After arriving at Mozes Kilangin Airport, they should find a place for resting first. Later, they can reach local nearby local settlements to watch the cultural festival.

Where to Stay

  • Anggrek Hotel
  • Asmat Permai Hotel
  • Assedu Hotel
  • Sang Surya Hotel
  • Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
  • Tagari Inn

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