Visiting Asmat Regency in Papua Province

Papua Province is located in the easternmost of Indonesia. Despite the long trip, tourists would have an unforgettable vacation there! In Asmat Regency, for example, visitors can enjoy beautiful nature, meet the locals, learn a culture, and much more! In fact, foreigners are interested to visit the region for its richness in culture. They want to approach villagers and watch some traditions on the site. One thing that makes Asmat people unique is their way of living. These people live mostly in a swampy area! No wonder, visitors need to use water transportation to explore the settlements. Aside from culture, the region is known for its beautiful natural attractions! Here is further discussion about Asmat Regency.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Asmat Regency looks serene and secluded. It is because the locals live by rivers and beaches! Most of them belong to Asmat Tribe, without a doubt. Despite the fact, some immigrants also live in this area. The next thing to notice is the presence of low land forests, featuring peaceful rivers. Thus, tourists are able to enjoy exploration to their heart’s content! As for villagers, they are friendly and most of them work as a sculptor. This explains the region is known for their stunning carvings.

Exploring Asmat Regency
Once arriving at Asmat Regency, tourists should meet the locals right away. Have no worries. Villagers would help visitors regarding information, accommodations, or other necessities. As mentioned before, the locals are famous for their carvings. Even the United Nations helped them to retain that cultural heritage! When approaching local settlements, though, tourists should pass through swamps and rivers. Thus, it takes some efforts to meet villagers.

Aside from culture, tourists can enjoy other things in Asmat Regency. For instance, they can buy some carvings from the locals. All the wooden sculptures look unique and valuable! Not to mention tourists can get a cheaper price by bargaining. It is way much better to buy these items directly from villagers than buying them in stores, after all. For the best negotiation, though, it is better to approach villagers with a help of a guide. This person is able to communicate well with those people, for sure.

In a nutshell, tourists can enjoy three types of allures in Asmat Regency. These are culture, natural attractions, and social tourism. As for nature, the region has some interesting places to explore like Fumaripits Island, Lorentz National Park, Rawa Baki, Raja Tiga Beach, and much more! Thus, everyone should explore all those places during the visit. Once again, it is better to hire a local guide who can show the directions efficiently.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lorentz National Park
  • Rawa Baki
  • Unir River
  • Pomats River
  • Agats City

How to Get There
The best way to reach Asmat Regency is definitely by airplane, especially those who live outside Papua Province. From Jakarta City, in this case, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to the destination would take around 5 hours. It can be more during bad weather, though. Once arriving at Mozes Kilangin Airport in Asmat Regency, tourists can get a hotel room first for resting before exploring the region.

Where to Stay

  • Asmat Permai Hotel
  • Anggrek Hotel
  • Tagari Inn
  • Assedu Hotel
  • Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
  • Sang Surya Hotel

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