Orangutan Definition

Sumatran orangutans are special species known as Pongo abelii, while the Borneo Orangutan divided into 3 sub-species-namely Pongo pygmaeus-pygmaeus, Pongo pygmaeus wurmbi, and Pongo pygmaeus morio. Sumatran Orangutan is more social than Borneo Orangutan.

Based on DNA analysis, orangutans have 97% genetic similarity to humans, so it's easy going on transmission of the disease to humans or vice versa orangutan (zoonoses).

Various ways they are doing to having communication. Orangutan babies usually cry like a human being, the young often screaming and throwing a tantrum. Orangutan adults make long sound (more than 1 minute), the sound can be heard up to 300 meters. Adult male Orangutans develop throat pouch and make a sound that can be heard up to a radius of 1 kilometer. Physically, Orangutan males much larger than females. The size of his face changed dramatically as he grew older with a beard and mustache. The boy will also have a wide cheek pads and throat pouches under the chin.

One of the unique facts of Orangutan is once birth, they have very rare multiple births. Their gestation period similar to humans, which is 9 months. Orangutans can move quickly from tree to tree by swinging on tree branches. They can also walk on two feet, but rarely found. Orangutans can not swim. Orangutans do not live in groups such as chimpanzees or Gorilla, Orangutan males are usually found alone and female orangutan usually accompanied by some his son.

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