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Cahaya Baru Tour And Travel
Address: Pb. Sudirman Street, Patokan
Situbondo District, Situbondo Regency
Phone: +62 852-5826-0072

Baloeran Ecolodge
Address: Wonorejo, Banyuputih
Situbondo Regency
Phone: +62 812-3000-2612

Paradise Tour & Travel Situbondo Car Rental Tour agency
Address: Irian Jaya Street, Gang:03 No:10, Mimbaan
Situbondo Sub-District, Situbondo Regency
Phone: +62 819-3627-5991

Nusa Trans Travel Situbondo
Address: Basuki Rahmat Street Gg. Panji Anom, RT. 01 / RW. 14, Wringin Anom
Panji, Mimbaan, Panji, Situbondo Regency
Phone: +62 852-0495-1238

Marco Tour & Travel
Address: Basuki Rahmat Street 119A, Besuki
Situbondo, Situbondo Regency
Phone: (+62 338) 680456

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Saebus Island, Kangean Archipelago

Saebus Island Pulau Saebus is an island in Kangean archipelago, and it administratively located in Sumenep Regency, Madura, East Java, Indonesia. The nearest places to Pulau Saebus are Pulau Saur (6 km west), Pulau Bangkan (6 km north), Pulau Sasiil (7 km east), and Sapeken (9 km north). Saebus island is having magnificent sea world, with the Anemone kingdom that can be seen in sloping sea. To reach Saebus island, it can be start from Surabaya to Madura and crossing to Kangean islands. It can also be start from Bali…

Setancak Waterfall – Situbondo

Setancak Waterfall Setancak waterfall is located in Mojosari village, Asembagus district, Situbondo. It can be reach for about 3-4 hours from the centre of Situbondo. The name of Setancak is taken from Madurese language, which means the water that spout out from the ground. the most attractive panorama in this waterfall is can be seen only at 6 A.M and 5 P.M. it said that, Setancak waterfall is a place for those swallows to take a bath.

The Mountain Shade At Bekol Savannah, Situbondo

Bekol Savannah Bekol savannah, is located about 12 km from the entrance Baluran National park, Situbondo regency. You will see the activity of flock deer and dows, bulls, birds and more in the morning. While, in the afternoon those are set to back to their sanctuaries. You can also see the activity of those animals’ behavior from the high. The safari nuance at Bekol Savannah is seems like having safari journey at wild life Africa. There are numbers of endemic flora and fauna that live along the prairie and the…

Baluran National Park Is In Situbondo, Not Africa

Baluran National Park Baluran national park is a forest preservation area that extends about 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. It located in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo, precisely on the east border of Java Island. The visitors that come to Baluran national park will experience the exotic panorama of Savannah and mount Baluran, which is inactive volcano and inhabited by exotic animals like wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species of monkeys and also bulls as the protected animals in the area. Moreover, you can…

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