Lamongan Traditional Culture

Boranan Traditional Dance

This traditional dance is inspired by the activity of Boranan rice seller who come here and there from the morning till dawn. The move of Boranan dance is quite simply yet meaningful, with the ethic of traditionalism. It's shown the activity of Boranan seller preparing their food until presenting to the customer. The Boranan dancer is always coming from Lamongan, who wear traditional Lamongan batik cloth, between blue and black and red trip line on the waist and they will perform the dance for about 5 minutes.

Caping Ngancak Traditional Dance

Caping Ngancak dance is one of traditional dance of Lamongan regency. The dance describes about farmers in their rice field from grow the rice until they get harvest. Like farmers, the dancers also wearing 'Caping' (special hat that only wore by farmer in Indonesia).

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