Chicken Soto Lamongan

Soto Lamongan

This food is one of the famous foods in entire Indonesia. Soto, is such a beef or chicken soup. In some regency in East Java or even in Indonesia have their own type of soto. The most famous one is coming from Lamongan.

Soto Lamongan have rich ingredients that mix together into a bowl completed by hot spicy broth. The condiments are: rice, glass noodle, chicken shredded, chicken liver, young egg, boil shredded egg, fried onion and celery.

Do not forget the sambal sauce to make it hotter and add the koya to make it thicker. Koya is made by fried garlic and shrimp cracker that crushed into powder. The use of koya is to make the soup become thick and lumpy.

It so yummy…

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