The Crowd In Ledug Suro Ceremony

Ledug Suro - Magetan, East Java

Ledug Suro
Ledug suro is one of annual ceremonial that being held in some regencies in each province in Indonesia. Each provinces are having different names but have the same purpose. This Ledug Suro is particularly known for Magetan Regency.

Ledug Suro is having purpose to celebrate the year of Saka, which starting on 1st Suro. The word Ledug Suro is taken by Lesung Suro and Bedug Muharam (Ledhug), which is drum that continually and it is been combined by the sound of gong and more instruments that make unique traditional music. Bedhug Muharram is having purpose to celebrate the new year of Hijriyah, which starting on 1st Muharram, based on Moslem calender.

The Offering In Ledug Suro
Grabbing The Offering - Ledug Suro

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