Water Walking Ball At Pakuwon City

Walking Water Ball - Pakuwon

Food Festival Pakuwon City

Food Festival Pakuwon City is located in East Surabaya, is a new spot for hang out with family or friends.

Food festival is daily open from 17:00 until 23:00. The area is approximately 5 hectares, suitable for those who want to spend the time at night, Food Festival is a fairly cozy hangout place for young children or family.

Currently, the food festival has 60 food tenants, and there are lots of famous merchant like sate Pak Abas Tretes, Sate Tulang and Soto Banjar, Roti Unyil, Jumbo Juice, Marina Seafood, Top Noodle, Sioke Siobak Yen Lie, Pisang Kipas Gwalk, and many more.

There is also XFUN games like water walking ball, flying fox, ATV, Bom-bom car, mini padicap and many more.


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