The Exotic Of West Manggarai

West Manggarai

West Manggarai is one of regencies in East Nusa Tenggara, and one of the expansion area from Manggarai regency. The area of West Manggarai is become part of west Flores island and some of the small island like, Komodo island, Rincah island, Big Seraya island, Small Seraya island, Bidadari Island and Longgos Island.

Manggarai is located at the western tip of Flores island, bordered to the east with Ngada district, in west with sapepulau Sumbawa Strait / Bima regency, north with Flores Sea and in the south with Sabu sea.

This region is considered as the most fertile area in the province. The area is wide and such fertile farms, has coffee plantations that stretched in almost the territory, and has a high rainfall. The capital of Manggarai is located approximately 1,200 meters above sea level, at the foot of Pocoranaka mountain.

At early time, Manggarai had 3 Strata which was consists of 3 classes, first class is called Kraeng (King / nobles), second is Gelarang (middle class), and the third group was Lengge (the commoners).

The king has absolute power, the tribute which could not be paid by the people were required to work forced. The Gelarang had duty to collect tribute from Lengge (the commoners). Gelarang was the keeper of the soil and became the representative between the Kraeng and Lengge. Lengge status was always threatened. This group had always pay taxes, forced labor workers, and more likely to be a slave who delivered to Bima and will be no more went back to their home town.

Regarding the tourism object in West Manggarai, some of the people will recognize about Komodo island. This endemic reptile animals are settled in this island and become one of exotic tourism destination from worldwide. Inside the Komodo Island, West Manggarai also has another exotic destination that worth to be visited, which is Batu Cermin tourism object.

This natural cave is located only 2 km from the center of Labuan Bajo. This will be a splendid tourism object ever that can be found in West Manggarai. Inside the cave that having 200 meters long there are some corridors that filled with stalactite and stalagmite. Moreover, the condition of the cave is still well-maintained in all over the corners. Other attraction in this cave that shown is the fossil of coral reefs and turtles species that have been petrified and indicating that the cave is part of the ocean trench in ancient times. The name of Batu Cermin or Stone Mirror was taken from the existence of a number of stalactites and stalagmite that shown the crystal glittering like a flashlight over the walls.

Still in Komodo island, the similar destination also coming from the natural caves of Batu Susun, Liang Dara and Liang Rodak that having the same beauty and exotic sightseeing. Another potential destination in West Manggarai is Sano Nggoang lake that located in District of Sano Nggoang. The lake was created by the eruption of the volcano (volcanic lake) have high sulfur content. Here, there are also hot springs which has temperature more than 60 degrees Celsius. Hence, local people used this hot spring to boil an egg.

It is just too beautiful to be missed.

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