Surabaya And Malang Destinations

Known as the largest city in East Java, Surabaya has its own charm for tourists. This city has a lot of charm and cool panoramas that you can’t miss. Visiting the City of Heroes, you can enjoy natural and culinary tours that come in various choices. For those of you who like nature tourism, Kenjeran Beach can be the right choice to fill your vacation. Located on Jalan Mentari Kenjeran or Jalan Raya Pantai Lama, Surabaya, Kenjeran Beach is divided into: Old Kenjeran Beach and New Kenjeran Beach.
Both beaches have rides that you can enjoy, such as fountains, children’s games, kenjeran beach bridge, and other rides.

In addition, Hong Tiek Hian Temple can also be an attractive choice while on vacation in Surabaya. Every afternoon you can see Wayang Potehi performances at Hong Tiek Hian Temple Complex. Wayang Potehi is another wayang typical of South China, telling stories about Chinese history. Like most temples, this building is colored red with Chinese architecture and a green dragon painting on the gate pole. This temple is located on Jalan Dukuh, Nyamplungan, Pabean Cantian District, Surabaya City.

This cool city has variety of tourist destinations that make travelers from all over Indonesia want to visit it. One of the popular destination in Malang is the iconic Mount Bromo. Apart from Mount Bromo, Malang also has others interesting destinations to visit. Rich with natural tourism, it’s not fun if you don’t visit water tourism destinations in Malang, such as Tiga Warna Beach, Sumber Sirah, Mbehi Beach and Bidadari Bay. As the name implies, Tiga Warna Beach offers three colors looks of beach. The expanse of pink, green and blue colors can be clearly seen in the areas.

Interestingly, unlike most other beach tourist destinations, this beach limits its visitors to only 100 people per day. The reason is to keep this beach from polluted by not allow many visitors. Meanwhile, Sumber Sirah is a lake with clear water and offers beautiful natural beauty. Here, you can even snorkel and see small fish and green algae at the bottom. Besides snorkeling, you can also swim or just enjoy the view.

But, don’t try to jump into the lake. This is because the height of Sumber Sirah lake estimated 1.5 meters only. Meanwhile, Mbehi Beach is one of Malang’s alluring tourist destinations. The clean white sand and exotic sea views will make you feel like you are in a hidden paradise. What makes this tourist destination anti-mainstream is the presence of coral near the beach that conical downward, shaped like a crater. The coral, called the Mbehi Crater, is directly connected to the sea. So, when the sea water is rising, water also gushes from the bottom of the reef.


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