Favorite Cities in Indonesia For New Year’s Holiday Destinations!

New year’s holiday moments are often used to spend good time with family, friends and partners. In addition, year-end holidays are also an opportunity to relax from busy time and daily activities.

City tourist destinations are the right choice to spend a year-end vacation. If you are looking for a fun place to spend time at the end of this year, this favorite city in Indonesia below can be a recommendation for your year-end vacation destination.

There are many tourist destinations in Jakarta that can be explored during the holidays. This metropolitan city which has a variety of cultures is suitable as an alternative place for traveling. Even though Jakarta is famous for traffic jams and overcrowding, it also has many interesting tourist attractions.

If you want to enjoy your year-end vacation in the capital city, you can go around Jakarta to find out more about history, culture, natural tourism, and culinary delights. For those of you who like historical tours, Jakarta has many historical museums to visit. One of the historical tourist that must visited in Jakarta is the National Monument or Monas and the Old City (Kota Tua). For cultural tourism, you can visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), where you also learn about Indonesian cultures. Even though Jakarta is a city with skyscraper houses in Indonesia, this city also has natural destinations. One of them is Seribu Island to Ancol Dream Park. At that location you can enjoy water tourism and beautiful beach views.

Bandung is also one of the favorite cities for tourists. In this Flower City, you can find various natural tourist destinations to special culinary delights that you must visit. If you want to have a vacation at the end of the year, then you can visit some of your favorite places in Bandung such as Lembang Farmhouse, to see and interact with various cute farm animals, enjoy the beauty of flower gardens, to take pictures with European-style building backgrounds. For those who like exciting adventures in the midst of nature, you can visit The Lodge Maribaya. For culinary tours, there are many delicious foods at various points, from meatballs, noodles, porridge to toast.

Yogyakarta is always amazing, from culture, to society, to culinary delights, all have alluring charm. One of the destinations of the Student City is the Malioboro area. There are lined up traders selling various souvenirs to the special food of Gudeg City. Around Malioboro there are also other interesting destinations. One of them is Taman Sari which is popular as a photo spot with historical nuances. Built during the time of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in 1757, the park used to have about ??10 hectares area. Taman Sari was also used as a place to rest and relax for a while by the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his palace relatives.

In addition to traveling around Malioboro and Taman Sari areas, you can also visit ??Mount Merapi tourist area and get around by a rented jeep. Also visit the beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul, as well as the Yogyakarta Palace which is located in the city center. Finding delicious and affordable food in this city is also really easy.

Bali Island is one of the favorite destinations for year-end holidays. It is familiar, Bali has the potential for natural and culinary tourism that attracts domestic and foreign tourists. You can choose a variety of beautiful beaches to visit. While in Bali, Campuhan Hill can be your vacation destination. Located not far from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Campuhan hill has easy access to reach. Campuhan Hill is actually a pedestrian track located on a hill surrounded by trees and green weeds. The track is still very good and comfortable to pass, but prepare your strength, because the road is quite climb. Campuhan Hill is perfect for those of you who like to walk while enjoying the natural atmosphere, or can also jog while watching the beautiful morning sun.

Want to feel the experience of climbing a mountain and watching the sunrise on the Gods Island? You can try climbing Mount Batur in Kintamani area. The location is also not so far from Ubud. So after being satisfied with your vacation in Ubud area, you can continue to Mount Batur which also has a beautiful lake. You can climb Mount Batur at night to see the sunrise. But if you just want to relax enjoying the view of Mount Batur, then you can go to Pinggan Village and take pictures with a stunning backdrop of Mount Batur.

Apart from that, you can also find attractive accommodations, from hotels to villas with stunning views. Regarding culinary delights, Bali has various choices ranging from spicy rice to Betutu duck, a special dish that must be tasted.


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