Sembilang Lighthouse

Sembilang Lighthouse - Bangkalan, Madura

Bangkalan Lighthouse

Mercusuar Bangkalan or Bangkalan Lighthouse, is located in District Socah, 6 km from the center of Bangkalan capital. This tower has 78 meters high and was build by the Dutch and it inaugurated by Z.W. Williem III in 1879. At that time, this tower was use to guide the ships that went to Tanjung Perak harbor.

Before entering the gate to go inside the lighthouse, we have to buy retribution fee for about Rp. 5000 per person. This tower has 17 floors building and the range of lights about 20 miles. While the total land area of this lighthouse is about 1 hektar. There are 3 navigators in this tower to maintain the tower, they live around the complex of the tower.

The function of the navigation lasts until 1999. Stepping in 2000, the lighthouse finally allowing the local people to get into the building of the lighthouse. This become the attraction of the citizens and become an alternative destination when we go to Madura island, especially to Bangkalan to enjoy the sceneries from the top of the lighthouse.

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