Segoro Anakan Means Little Ocean

Segoro Anakan - Banyuwangi

Segoro Anakan

Segoro Anakan is good for sailling sports and fishing. It is still natural and has not been developed. It is a virgin mangrove forest tourism object. the visitors can visit Segoro Anakan through Grajagan coast by boat. It takes about 45 minutes.

Segoro Anak is a small bay with the widest mangrove forest in East Java. Based on some research, it founds 26 kinds of 16-mangrove family that dominated with Rhizopora, Bruguiera, Avicenia and Sonneratia. Schypiphora hydrophylaceae and Ceriops decandra is the two kinds of rareness mangrove. This area is very suitable for water sport like; water sky, oar, and swimming. Segoro Anak has 18.8 km length and 400 m width. One time, the visitors can enjoy many kind of migrant birds from Australia. To reach Bedul location – Segoro Anak is a not difficult thing, the visitors can reach it using four wheels vehicle from Rowobendo post to west with 9.1 km distance.

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