Karang Bolong Beach in Pacitan

The Charm Karang Bolong Beach

Besides Anyer, Kebumen, Cilacap and Banten, Pacitan of East Java apparently also has Karang Bolong Beach. Karang Bolong here is one of famous beach in Pacitan, besides Klayar Beach and Teleng Ria. Even the location of beach is also not far from Klayar Beach. Karang Bolong Beach is similar to Uluwatu Beach in Bali, named Uluwatu version of Pacitan.

Location of Karang Bolong Beach is located in Sendang village, Donorojo districts. About 35 km to the west of Pacitan. A town located in the South West tip of East Java province has a lot of tourism potential that is quite interesting to visit even though some have not managed.

Access road to Karang Bolong Beach is not difficult, the easiest path is via Klayar route. By traversing Pacitan – Solo, and at the intersection Punung (see signposts Goa Gong). From Pacitan town turn left and follow the road towards Goa Gong until the T-junction. Then choose turn right towards Goa Gong or Klayar Beach, upon arriving at the parking area of Goa Gong follow the main line to get intersection, then turn left towards Sendang village continue to the T-junction with a signpost Board Klayar Beach. Then turn right follow Klayar path, reached the site entrance of Klayar Beach, now there was broad driveway Karang Bolong Beach is turn right in front fitting post admission tickets Klayar location. Then turn right no much longer then you will arrive at Karang Bolong Beach.

Surely you will not be bored on the way to the beach, because the eyes will be spoiled by the sight of a typical rustic, joglo, karst rocks, small caves, hills and green mountains during the trip. Arriving Karang Bolong, we can enjoy the beauty of sea off the Indian Ocean, with cliffs green challenge the waves to the edge of cliff overhanging the sea.

You should know that actually Karang Bolong not sandy beaches, but only a bluff that juts into the sea like a cape. And the cliff could not descend because very steep to reach and has dark blue water with powerful waves. So do not expect to be able to play water here. But do not worry because there are many activities that you can do here. Because in this cliff top are flat surface and wide at one end and elongated. Surrounding the green grass so at first glance like a field with small trees and pandanus on the edge add beauty. For you who intend to spend the night here, you can freely set up a tent.

Actually, many cliffs here you can explore more. Besides the main cliff approximately has three through hole. While on the other hand there is still a paradise spot that is not less beautiful than main cliff, such Karang Bolong Waterfall. The waterfall is a small river estuary that is on top cliffs so that the water directly down into the sea. And the location of waterfall is on the right cliff collapsed. But unfortunately, this waterfall is seasonal, so it will usually dry in the dry season. If you have watched this exotic waterfall flowing means you are lucky people.

The charm of Karang Bolong is the best object photography. Cliffs Karang Bolong spot is one of the favorite places for hunting Sunrise and Sunset photo. The cliffs in the middle of the sea and to the south. With very beautiful landscape atmosphere blends with the unique and different as a landmark of Pacitan.

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