Kedung Tumpang Beach in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Some beaches in Tulungagung Regency look regular and some of them look uncommon. One of the most unique beaches to visit is called Kedung Tumpang and it belongs to Pucanglaban Sub-District. Aside from the beautiful sea scenery, the beach has become a natural swimming pool for visitors. Even though the waves are as big as its siblings (the southern beaches of Java Island), the beach features natural ponds which are safe for swimming and playing water. People also come for other activities, though. These include photography, relaxation, family recreation, and beach exploration. The site provides both the beauty and comfort to them. 

The Nuance

Some people call Kedung Tumpang as an anti-mainstream beach. It is because the landscape is quite different as compared to others. The nuance is peaceful and soothing. Visitors can only hear the splashing sound of waves that hit the coral cliffs. Those coral reefs keep being hit by waves and create natural lagoon pools in some parts of the beaches. No wonder, people would get in it for either playing water or swimming. The next amazing feature is the uneven and majestic coral reefs, which surround the site. This unique landscape is suitable for beach exploration and photography, therefore.

Exploring Kedung Tumpang Beach

The best allure in Kedung Tumpang Beach is definitely the natural lagoon ponds. The water is clear and beautiful, which may lure everyone to get in it. Have no worries. Some of these ponds are shallow enough for kids, so everyone can play water safely as long as they choose the right pond. Here is the consideration. Tourists should only enjoy it during the low tide, which is in the morning.

The next reason why many people keep visiting Kedung Tumpang Beach is related to the adventure experience. Even everyone is able to enjoy a wonderful trip along the way to the beach. After parking the vehicle and pay the fee, they can start the adventure. The route is indeed challenging. It is because the site has many coral reefs and uneven landscape. The wind is strong and the ambiance is quiet. The reason is the site doesn’t feature any facilities and accommodations. That means tourists can only see natural attractions there.

One of Kedung Tumpang Beach’s unique allures is the absence of sandy landscape. Tourists can only find rocky landscapes and natural lagoon ponds there. This explains why the beach is quite different than others. Due to this unique aspect, it has a better popularity among travelers, though. People want to see and enjoy the nuance directly, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There

The distance between the capital of East Java Province (Surabaya City) and Tulungagung Regency is 158 km. That means the trip may take about 2 hours and 58 minutes. It can be faster if tourists take the right route, which is Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. After they arrive at Tulungagung Regency, the next route to take is Demuk Street. The distance is 34.5 km, so this trip would take around 57 minutes or less. For the information, the beach is located in Pucang Laban Sub-District.

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