Bali Maritime Tourism Hub Becomes the Largest Cruise Ship Dock in Indonesia

Bali soon has a large port as a place for cruise ships to dock. Bali Maritime Tourism Hub or BMTH is a facility that will accommodate the needs of sea transportation as well as tourism in the Benoa area, Bali. Benoa Harbor is the gateway for maritime tourism and the hub for the largest cruise terminal or cruise ship in Indonesia. For this reason, the development of the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub (BMTH) will separate goods service activities and tourism services.

At the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub, there are also goods and tourism services. In southern Benoa will be home to a yacht marina, cruise terminal, and theme park. Meanwhile, North Benoa is an energy terminal, such as LNG Terminal, Liquid Cargo Storage. The western part of Benoa has Wet Berth, Dry Berth, Yacht Club, Sport Facility, Lounge and bar, Bali Fish Market, and UMKM retail facilities. Legend of the Sea is the largest cruise ship ever to dock at Benoa. And on one occasion in 2019 two large cruise ships docked at the same time.

With the availability of complete facilities at the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub, tourists can do more activities and enjoy various tourist attractions. Through the construction of BMTH, it will be able to increase accessibility, safety and security for cruise ships from 280 meters long to 350 meters (which can accommodate a total of 6,000 passengers). To support efforts to increase domestic and foreign tourist visits to grow the maritime tourism industry in Bali.


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