Goras Village In Fakfak, West Papua Known As Seafood Village

Lobster is now a hot topic in Indonesia. Lobster has high value, both in juvenile and adult. For the people of Goras Village, Mbahamdandara District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua, eating lobster is a common thing. Not special. Papua Archeology Center researcher said it was easy to find lobsters in the waters around Goras Village. If you want to buy lobster from the locals, it’s quite affordable.

For residents of Goras village, the extraordinary food is free-range chicken. This community, who is predominantly Muslim, only eats free-range chicken in a celebration or during traditional ceremonies. Goras village is located in Berau Bay. This area has white sand, lots of coconut trees. Most of the inhabitants work as fishermen and hunt deer. Apart from lobsters, the richness of the waters of Berau Bay is crab with long claws.

So many and easy to get, this crab is not selling well. Anyone can take it for their own consumption. The type of marine product that is valuable to the residents of Goras is mackerel fish. They usually process the fish into salted fish then sell it to the city.

Tourists who want to go to Goras Village can go by land for about four hours from Fakfak City. Not only enjoying delicious seafood, tourists can watch a beautiful sunset. In this village, there is also a prehistoric cave site Andarewa.

When you arrive at Goras Village, don’t be surprised by the dozens of goats that roam there. The goat has an identification tag, a plastic bottle cap that worn around its neck. Access to communication and electricity is still limited in Goras Village, Papua. If you want to call or send a text message, tourists have to go up a hill in the forest.


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