Chinese New Year Tourism in Indonesia

The Chinese New Year is one of the most awaited to be celebrated complete with a series of exciting performances, festive ornaments, and delicious culinary delights. You don’t need to go far to China to feel the Chinese New Year, several places in Indonesia also offer exciting Chinese New Year celebrations. Are you curious about what Chinese New Year tourist attractions are worth visiting?

Glodok, Jakarta
Approaching the Chinese New Year, residents in the Chinatown area in West Jakarta sell various equipment that will be needed or displayed during Chinese New Year. Items to be sold include red packets, ornaments to decorate the house, and prayer tools. For those of you who don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, hunting photos at Petak Sembilan Market and at the temples in Glodok can be an interesting moment. Not only capturing the atmosphere of Chinese New Year, there are still many other interesting activities such as culinary tours.

China Town, Bandung
Initially, Chinatown was just an ordinary village inhabited by Chinese descent living in Bandung. This residence, which stands on an area of 3,000 ha, has begun to be commercialized as a tourist area.

The attraction of this place is the village atmosphere which is made in such a way that tourists can feel like they are in chinese when they enter this area. Interestingly, China Town in Bandung has China in ancient times concept. The concept is really executed in great detail, from the place to eat to all the ornaments in that location. Not only it is a neat place, the facilities in this area are also family friendly.

You can use various kinds of facilities, including a playground for children, a prayer room for Muslims who want to perform worship, and many more. In addition, China Town Bandung also sells a variety of unique souvenirs.

The City of a Thousand Klenteng, West Kalimantan
Singkawang or known as the City of a Thousand Klenteng is located in West Kalimantan Province. The existence of so many temples in Singkawang City makes this city the busiest and arguably the most excited in celebrating Chinese New Year.

Approaching the Chinese New Year celebrations, Singkawang City as the center of Chinese settlements in Indonesia has begun to be decorated with red Chinese-style trinkets.

Not surprisingly, Singkawang City earned the nickname as the city with the most festive Chinese New Year celebrations in Southeast Asia. Tourists can enjoy a variety of interesting attractions and treats, including lion dance performances, parades, and art evenings as well as the installation of lanterns.


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