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Jolotundo Site - Mojokerto


There are two sites on Mt Penanggungan which can be visited quite easily, that is the bathing places of Jolotundo and Belahan, it located on the western and eastern sides of the mountain respectively.

Jolotundo is like a swimming pool area that located near to Seloliman village, Trawas district, and east slope of Mount Penanggungan. This site is believed has relation with King Airlangga.

This temple was prepared for Udayana King from Bali who embraced Gunapriyadharmapatni prince. From their marriage, it was born Airlangga it was build in 997M. According to the story, the water in this temple is the clearest water in the word, and the slope of Bekal Mountain, one of Peak of Penaggungan Mountain, Seloliman, Trawas. Its location is easy to be reached by car or motorcycle. Not only Hindus and Buddhist, the other community are also come here to take a bath and have meditation.

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