Innovations to Develop Village Potentials for Tourism

To support economic turnover both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cianjur Regency Government supports tourism activities that are managed independently by rural communities.

This effort is also based on the emergence of many new local-scale tourism objects such as waterfalls, natural destinations with natural nuances and water, sunflower gardens to painting villages near community settlements.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many new tourism objects appeared at the villages in Cianjur area of West Java, which were visited by many local tourists, who had been spending time at home due to various social restrictions. To support this, the local government has made several innovations.

The local government provides a number of coaching programs for managers of tourist attractions that are members of Kompepar in Cianjur from north to south.

The coaching will later involve management procedures. This includes forming tourism support institutions that can solve land problems, determine attraction and realize the charm of tourism in a safe, orderly, clean, comfortable, friendly and memorable way.

The Cianjur Regency Government, encourages the new tourist attraction to be recognized widely. However, for now, the promotions are only online. After the pandemic is over, various economic developments are of course a priority including developing tourism objects at the village so that they can become leading destinations in Cianjur, in addition to existing tourist destinations.


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