Best Family Travel Destinations in Indonesia

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For some people, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with family. At the same time, it became the glue of togetherness and created beautiful memories with parents and relatives. To enjoy these happy moments, there are many ways you can do, such as visiting zoos and theme parks, doing glamor camping (glamping) in mountainous areas, or simply stayingcation at five-star hotels. Well, to add inspiration for a fun vacation with your family, here are some interesting activities you can do while traveling in several cities:

Glamping is fun in Bandung
Camping activities can be an option to fill holiday time with your beloved family. Usually, mountainous areas are the best choice for camping. However, the unpredictable weather sometimes makes this activity difficult. On that basis, a new camping model emerged, namely glamping which means glamorous camping. With glamping, you no longer need to bother setting up a tent and cooking by using a campfire. You have been provided with a tent or a comfortable place to stay with several other necessities, such as food, WiFi, and a mattress. You can simply enjoy the moment with your family accompanied by stunning natural scenery. More or less, the facilities provided are like star hotel services.

For the choice of where to do this activity, several locations in Bandung can be an option. Surrounded by mountainous areas, Bandung is one of the cities that provides many glamping facilities. There are several glamping places that you can try while visiting Bandung, including Glamping Legok Kondang Bandung with a campground feel, Rancabali Lake Side Ciwidey with tea gardens views and Lake Setu Patenggang, and Trizara Resort Indonesia Lembang Bandung which provides variety of outdoor activities.

Explore theme parks in East Java
Visiting the theme park and enjoying the various rides available can be the next option. To do this activity, it seems that you have to visit East Java, precisely in Batu City. The reason is, there are many kinds of theme parks available in the city. First, there is the Angkut Museum which stores more than 300 collections of types of transportation modes. Starting from traditional transportation, modern, to replicas. In fact, the collection is also equipped with urban landscape so that it looks real.

Satisfied playing at Museum Angkut, move to other destinations, such as East Java (Jatim) Park 1 which consists of Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) and Predator Fun Park. Jatim Park 1 is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy various rides with the atmosphere of Batu City at night. Next, there is Jatim Park 2 which consists of Eco Green Park and Batu Secret Zoo. This Jatim Park 2 destination will be suitable to visit if you are traveling with your baby. The reason is, Eco Green Park and Batu Secret Zoo store a variety of good educational stories to increase children’s knowledge.

Finally, there is Jatim Park 3. In this destination, you can visit the World Music Museum which displays various types of musical instruments from around the world, Dino Park as a place to learn and get to know ancient creatures, and The Legend Star which displays wax statues of many world stars.

Staycation in Medan
If you want a vacation that doesn’t have much activity, maybe staycation can be an option. Basically, you can do this activity in the city where you live. However, you can also do it when visiting other cities, such as Medan. As the capital city of North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia. Therefore, in this city, there are many star hotels that are instagramable which can be used as staycation places.

One of the hotels to choose from is the Adimulia Hotel, which has a rooftop pool with classic architectural pillar design. This hotel provides spa facilities, fitness center, sauna, massage, and kid’s club. These facilities will pamper you and your family during your staycation. In addition, there is also Bobotel Gatot Subroto as a staycation place. One of the uniqueness of Bobotel Gatot Subroto Medan is the room wall design which is dominated by pastel colors. The advantages presented by the hotel are a swimming pool that child-friendly, and located in the center of Medan City.

Not only these two hotels, you can also try a staycation at many other hotels in Medan. For example, Kama Hotel which has industrial interior design and street art in its rooms, ibis Styles Medan Pattimura which has attractive room designs with geometric patterns, and other hotels.

Visiting the zoo in Bali
Bored of staycation or glamping? Don’t worry, you can do other more exciting activities, such as visiting the zoo in Bali. Besides being famous for its beach tourist destinations, Bali has many zoo destinations that must be visited. First, Bali Zoo. One of the largest zoos in Bali is located in Gianyar Regency. More than 100 species of rare animals exist in the zoo which has ??about 12 hectares area. Furthermore, you can also visit the Bali Bird Park. This bird park accommodates about 1,000 species of birds from 250 species. At Bali Bird Park, you also have the opportunity to see a rare bird native to Bali, namely the Bali starling.

Finally, there is Bali Safari and Marine Park. This destination is also known as Bali Safari Park. One of the advantages of this zoo compared to others is the exciting experience of seeing animals as they are in their natural habitat.


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