Batu Bengkung Beach, the Natural Beauty Beach in South Malang


IMG-20150917-WA0002Batu Bengkung Beach or also known as Bengkung Beach administratively located in Gajahrejo village, Gedangan subdistrict, Malang regency. The location Batu Bengkung Beach is right on the west of Jelangkung Beach. Bengkung beach can be reached by car or motor vehicle about 2-3 hours from Malang. To go to this beach from Malang can take the direction to the beach Sendangbiru. The condition of the road is already wide and smooth with a beautiful view of the typical beach surrounded by hilly.

A few kilometers before Sendangbiru beach you can through the Southern cross (JLS) and take the direction towards Goa China and Bajulmati beach. About 2 km after passing Bajulmati beach will be found a direction that will lead to the Bengkung Beach.

Currently Bengkung Beach managed by Perhutani with admission 6,000 IDR per person. Once through the counter you are going through two small beaches before arriving to Bengkung Beach. The third area was crammed beaches and hills separated only coral and rocks. The third area on the shores of these has its own beauty and will enchant tourists coming.

At the first location if seems like to the Green Bay in Banyuwangi. The landscape is still very natural. Here is very visible sea water basins that juts into the mainland. Right and left sides is limited by high cliffs. There are many coral reefs with a diversity of flora and fauna typical of the sea. The visitors can play water, it is a pleasant thing. The sand is very soft makes you would like to linger here.

Not far from both the beach then arrive in Bengkung Beach. In this Bengkung Beach equally beautiful with the beach before. Here the landscape is very beautiful. Likewise the atmosphere is still beautiful and clean. Bengkung Beach we can look at the blue sea and high cliffs. Clear blue water was refreshing. While brownish white sand beaches.

Besides its natural beauty, Bengkung Beach does offer its own uniqueness that you can enjoy. The most unique of the beach there is a pool that can make it as a place to swim. The water was very clear. The pool formed by waves that penetrate the crevices of the rock breakwater. In Bengkung Beach has large waves so for visitors who bring children to always be careful when playing on this beach.

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