Kertowono Tea Plantation, Dutch Heritage on Semeru Slope

Besides being one of the banana producing centers in East Java, Lumajang also has a series of slick tourism potentials. One of them is Kertowono Tea Plantation, which is a relic from the Dutch colonial era.

The attraction of Kertowono Tea Plantation, located at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level, is even able to attract international tourists. Very worth to visit, for you who are planning a vacation around Lumajang Regency.

Located on the Slopes of Mount Semeru

Kertowono Tea Plantation is located in Gucialit Village, Gucialit District, Lumajang Regency. Located at an altitude of 500-4000 meters above sea level, Gucialit is part of the western region of Lumajang and offers a series of stunning natural charm. Not surprisingly, given its position on the slopes of Mount Semeru.

To visit Gucialit Village, you must travel a distance of around 55 km from the center of Lumajang Regency. But don’t worry, all your efforts will be commensurate with the view offered later.

Surrounded by Mountainous Area

Kertowono Tea Plantation is surrounded by famous mountains in East Java. Besides being able to see Semeru in the west, you will also be treated to the beautiful views of other mountains around Lumajang Regency. There are Mount Lemongan, Raung and Argopuro, all of them to the east.

This place is perfect for relaxing to unwind on weekends. The cool air, combined with natural panorama that is so spoil the eyes. Don’t forget to bring the best camera, because there will be lots of cool moments that you can capture here.

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