Tretes Waterfall

We will charmed of natural beauty presentation if see Tretes Waterfall which located in Pengajaran sub-village, Gelangdowo village, Wonosalam district, Jombang.

The interesting thing from this Tretes waterfall is the natural existence. The visitors have pampered with the waterfall situation that flowing from the mountain, also the green natural. Stones which being let scatter, the mound that being grow by trees add the fascination around of forest before reaching this waterfall.

Complicated length road seems to be its beautiful self, because the fascination panorama of the environment around. The saturation fringe the road towards waterfall dosed by the ruthless of brotherly nature, bird chirp and the member of around that very friendly.
Tretes waterfall seems entertain, after the fatigues to run far, the visitor spill their body to the rapid waterfall, sitting on the scattering stones around the waterfall.

This is miracle of Tretes Waterfall. Commonly, many tourists visit Tretes waterfall both from domestic and foreign tourist. The interesting for them is the field challenging.

Hence, no wonder that this Tretes Waterfall is often become a visit agenda of the youngman and schoolchild for having 'encampment ' activity and the nature lover who taking a fancy to challenge.
To develope this Tretes Waterfall, the society around equipped it with freight service facilitation for the visitor and place of adequate rest.

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