Old Church Of Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan Mojowarno

“Dhuh Gusti, Ingkang Kawula Purugi Sinten Malih?
Paduka Ingkang Kagungan Pangandikaning Gesang Langgeng”
Yah 6:68

Mojowarno’s Eastern Javanese Christian Church, a history witnesses whom stands still through times changes. As if almighty God whom stays inside, to be a King and a Father. The quotation above is come from the verse of the Bible, which shows the communities’ submission from its local inhabitant, whose trying so hard to construct the church to be an appropriate Abode.

Starting from the hidden little garden, this Church was build. By being a minority in the middle of differences, this modesty church had transform dynamically with the spirit from the communion into one of an icon for East Java now days. It is not a tourism destination to be visit for pleasure time, but by this Church people can learn about how its struggling so hard to stand still through times changing, while we can learn more how to be grateful.

The early communion was held on 1845, the building was starting from inappropriate little shack, till it has some renovated for many times and being a simply and comfy Abode to live for. This Church is not a kind of fancy and sophisticated architecture, by its simplicity makes this church looks firm and strong. As if represent the struggle of the people who stands for it.

January 24, 1879 the church had first renovating and it was officially re-open on March 3, 1881. By the spirit to renovate this church, the spirit of the communion had also be change to be better in life. While, to celebrate a century of this church there were next renovated which start from July 23, 1979 to December 23, 1979. This Church has Byzantine and Gothic style of architecture, like the early 12 Century Churches. It has shown the blandness of western and our cultural way of style.

Mojowarno’s Eastern Javanese Christian Church, a symbol of history, which stands still through times. Strong and firm as if the almighty God.

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