Travel Agents in Gresik Regency

PT. Tegar Mandiri Wisata
JL. Veteran/Komplek Matahari Plaza
Phone. 031-3989170

PT.Muji Karisma Jaya
JL. Hulaan 906 RtXV Rw VII Menganti
Phone. 031-7912037 - 70950009

Sinar Tour & Travel
Address: Proklamasi 2 Street
Karangpoh – Gresik
Phone: +62 82272857888

Graha Tour & Travel
Gedung Sarana Graha Petrogres
Jl. A yani, Gresik
Phone. 031-3985544

CV. Nangkano Karya Pratama
JL. Raya Sukomulyo Kec. Manyar
Phone. 031-3958555

Arimbi Jaya Tour & Travel
Address: Panglima Sudirman 54
Sidokumpul – Gresik
Phone: (+62 31) 3983483

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Bawean Island

Bawean Island Pulau Bawean is an island that located approximately 150 km north of Surabaya, in the Java Sea, off the coast of Java. It is administratively part of Gresik Regency, East Java. It is approximately 15 km in diameter and is circumnavigated by a single narrow road. Bawean is dominated by an extinct volcano at its center that rises to 655 m above sea level. The island is populated for about 75,000 people, but more than 26,000 of them (that is about 70% of the male population) were temporarily…

The Pilgrimage Tour To Gresik

Gresik This one of industrial city in East Java have borders, Java Ocean in the North, Surabaya in the South, Madura Strait in East and Lamongan in West. Since eleventh century, port of Gresik had become the important port for trading with China, Arab and India. By this trading across international, Islam was begin to spread in Gresik. Gresik nowadays is increasingly grow by the existence of some large company like Semen Gresik, Petrokimia Gresik, Nippon Paint, BHS-Tex, Industri perkayuan/ Plywood and Maspion. Big number of industries gathered at this…

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