Kastoba Lake

Kastoba Lake is located in Peromaan village, Tambak district. To reach Kastoba lake location, we can take the way through ring road of Bawean Island from Sangkapura district towards Tambak district after reaching Tanjung Ori village, Tambak district admission about 3 Km pass the village road. The road condition is 75 % can be passed by four wheels drive at ease. The rest is still difficult to reach with four wheels drive except with wheel vehicle 2. Then for reach the lake location, through footpath, which can only be passed by foot, about 1 Km, to the forest and the road, is fluctuate hilly.

As one of nature tourism object pledge in Bawean Island, generally physical condition is hardly promise for the tourists, with clear water and fresh fascination, and you can drink it directly although it isn’t cooked before. It also supported with the greenness natural forest plant around the lake, seems add its beautiful lake along the view eyes.

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