About Gresik Regency

GRESIK: 20 km northwest of Surabaya.
Known as an industrial area, the cement plant dominates the Gresik skyline. It is also a place of pilgrimage as Gresik houses the tomb of Sunan Giri, one of the Javanese Moslem saints, and of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, the first Moslem priest to settle in Java. He died in 1419.

The regional government of Gresik regency is geographically located between 112 degrees and 113 degrees east longitude and between 7 degrees and 8 degrees south latitude, and it is bordered on:
- the north: by Java Sea
- the east : by the straits of Madura and Surabaya municipality
- the south: by Sidoarjo regency
- the west : by Lamongan regency

The whole area of Gresik regency consists of:

  • Rain rice field : 3,856,275 Ha ( 3.28 %)
  • Dry field : 40,569,786 Ha (34.56 %)
  • Garden (building and businesspurposes, etc) : 9,778,637 Ha ( 8.33 %)
  • Forest : 5,550,015 Ha ( 4.73 %)
  • Irrigation reservoir: 492,160 Ha ( 0.41 %)
  • Village reservoir : 726,802 Ha ( 0.61 %)
  • Lake : 169,740 Ha ( 0.14 %)
  • Salt pond : 63,844 Ha ( 0.05 %)
  • Fish pond : 14,482,319 Ha (12.33 %)
  • Others : 6,310,399 Ha ( 7.17 %)
  • Gresik regency covers the land area of Gresik itself and the isle of Bawean extending at 1,173.69 sq. km or 1,173 Halt comprises total land area of Gresik at 984.94 sq. km and total land area of Bawean isle at 188.75 sq. km. This region administratively consists of:
  • District (Assistance to Regent) : 5 areas
  • Sub-district : 18 areas
  • The Kelurahan (village in urban region): 26 areas
  • The Desa (village in rural region) : 331 areas

Names of Regents of Gresik :

  • 1680-       : Kanjeng Pusponegoro
  • 1934-1937 : RPAA Soerijowinoto
  • 1937-1948 : RMT Moesono
  • 1953-1960 : R. Widagdo
  • 1960-1968 : R. Sukarso
  • 1968-1973 : Soesanto Bangunnagoro,SH
  • 1973-1978 : Letkol (P) Soefelan
  • 1978-1984 : Letkol (P) Wasiadji, SH
  • 1984-1989 : Letkol (Mar) H. Amiseno
  • 1989-1994 : Kol (AL) H. Djuhansah
  • 1994- : Kol (L) Soewarso

The groups of Basic Chemical Industries
- PT. Surya Kertas
- PT. Intan Kertas
- PT. SHCP Indomesic

The groups of Basic Metal Machines Industries and Electronics Industries
- PT. Tambang Batu Bara Bukit Asam
- PT. Jatim Bromo Steel
- PT. Panca Jasa which produces building constructions
- PT. Leewon which produces machines for playwood
- PT. Agrindo which produces agricultural tools and machines, and its local marketing among exporting areas.

The groups of Multifarious Industries
Wood working industry of playwood which produces furniture, and its marketing for exported products. Rattan industry which produces rattan furniture and its other marketing exports.

The Relationship between Industrial Motivators and Small Scale Industries
PT. SEMEN GRESIK (cement factory) togather with its affiliated companies has succeeded in giving guidance to industrial centre of imitation accecories in the village of Klangonan, sub-district of Kebomas.
PERUM PELABUHAN INDUSTRI III (Harbour Enterprise) in Surabaya gives guidance to the rattan small industries in the village of Beton, sub-district of Menganti.
PLN (State Owned Electricity Company) Surabaya will give guidance to a small industry which produces children's shoes in the village of Ngabetan, sub-district of Cerme. The permit is still in progress.
PT. PERKEBUNAN XXI-XXII (Plantation Ltd) KRIAN gives guidance to the centre of small industries in the village of Katimoho and Slempit, sub-district of Kedamean.

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