Bukit Jamur (Mushroom Rock)

Bukit Jamur (Mushroom Rock) is located in a former limestone quarry in Bungah village, Bungah district, Gresik. Mushroom Rock is the natural phenomenon that occurs because the rocks eroded by wind and rain water then caused the stones looks like mushrooms. Mushroom Rock usually formed in dry areas. The process caused by wind or called as Eolian processes. The wind carries the small sand material then scrape the larger stone, this process called as deflation.

Mushroom rocks divided into the top and bottom part. Rock material that located at the top is harder than the bottom, therefore the material under the rocks more easily eroded by wind or rain. Thereby generating an upright pole like mushroom stems. Mushroom Rock usually occurs in arid areas like desert area. Mushroom Rock also can occur in coastal areas, but the formation is not by wind but because of the waves or commonly called as Marin Process.

There are about 40 mushrooms rocks in about 3 hectares area, out of hundreds of hectares of land that being mined. The mushroom rocks height are varies, from 2 meters to about 7 meters high. The unique shapes make this mushroom rocks become the interesting place, especially for photographs need. The public can enjoy it for free. The number of visitors who come show that the mushroom rocks area is the charm phenomenon rock hill. Currently this Mushroom Rock Hill became one of the tourist icon in Gresik. About 400 meters from the site, there are many souvenir shops special about mushroom rocks hill.

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