Maybrat Regency is a regency of West Papua Province of Indonesia. Maybrat has its own uniqueness, both in tourism and culture. There are three major tribes in Maybrat namely Ayamaru, Aitinyo and Aifat, and these three tribes still have their traditions that preserved until now.

West Papua Province is known for its Raja Ampat which is the world's attention today, but there still a lot amazing destinations in several other areas such as Maybrat Regency which has dozens of potential tourism objects that very unique and interesting. Located in the north of Maybrat Regency, Seya Village, Mare District, has a lot of natural tourism potential. In addition, in Maybrat there is Lake Uter which has a unique color, the water is blue and clear. There is Ayamaru Lake which is very wide and beautiful. And not only beautiful, but Lake Ayamaru is a species of fish that does not exist in other regions and even the world, a fish species with the local language name "Sekiak" and Latin name "Malanetanio Boesemania" which is often known as rainbow fish because of the fish color like a rainbow.

There is also Mount Petik Bintang in Maybrat Regency which is known as the land above the clouds. Now happening on social media that this place is like a paradise for Maybrat Regency, because when you are on the top of Mount Petik Bintang, it is like you are standing on a cloud. From this place, there are many visitors who often capture it in the morning before sunrise, which sees the clouds directly from up close and under the feet of the visitor. Apart from these three beautiful tourist spots, there are still many and even dozens of other places that have not been exposed to the public. There are also times and other tourist spots that still natural until now.

From several places, this certainly shows that Papua is not only known for its Raja Ampat, but there are several other hidden tourist destinations such as in Maybrat Regency.

How to get there?
To go to Maybrat, you can depart from Sorong city. Sorong city itself is quite busy. The atmosphere is similar to cities on the Java island. It even has malls and big hotels. Out of Sorong city, the road to Maybrat is already good. The road is partially paved smooth. Part of the road is concrete. It is not uncommon for cars to go back and forth during the trip. Quiet. The road cut through the forest. There were no settlements either. In only a few sections, there are several shanties. Winding road. Go down the ridge up. It is enough to shake the stomach. It was quite hot. From Sorong city to Maybrat it is a 4 hour car trip.

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