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Manokwari is a coastal town and the capital of the Indonesia province of West Papua. It is one of only four provincial capitals of Indonesia without a city status. It is also the administrative seat of Manokwari Regency. However, under proposals currently under consideration by the Indonesian Parliament, it is planned to split Manokwari town off from the regency and turn it into a separate city.

The majority of Manokwari residents are Christians and the town is one of the seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manokwari–Sorong. As the capital of West Papua Province, Manokwari is also a city that is quite historic in the spread of Christian teachings in Papua because on February 5, 1855, two evangelists landed on Mansinam Island and started the work of spreading Protestant Christianity among tribes who still like to fight against at that time.

There are over twenty-four different tribal groups living in Manokwari. Each tribe has its own unique language and culture. The most prominent of the tribal groups are the Asmat and the Dani tribes. The traditional house of Papua named Honai, a rounded house made of a wood and grass roof covering. Due to the variety of cultures in Manokwari, several different regional instruments have been popularized to include the Atowo, Tifa and the Fu. Manokwari is an urbanized region, but in several of the regencies you can still find traditional garb. A Koteka is a hollowed out gourd used by tribesmen to cover their genitals. These tribal people are well known for their wooden sculptures of virility and beauty. These sculptures are sold both locally and globally and are part of Manokwari's exports. Among the other tribes are Kuri, Simuri, Irarutu, Sebyar, Mascona, Mairasi, Kambouw, Onim, Sekar, Maibrat, Tohit, Imeko, Moi, Tipin, Maya, and Biak.

Manokwari is one of the most beautiful areas in Papua. For those of you who are adventurous, Manokwari is suitable for you to visit. One tourist site is the white, sandy Doreri Bay Beach which has calm, shallow water and is very safe for swimming. Arfak range nature reserve in the south of Manokwari is a popular tourist destination for visitors who are interested in hiking, birding and wildlife watching. Tropical rainforest that covers most of the mountains is the natural habitat of various species of animals including cuscus possum, lesser birds of paradise, common paradise kingfisher, magnificent riflebird as well as king bird of paradise. Susnguakti forest located in the south of the city is a popular destination for nature lovers who like camping and seeing the bio-diversity of the montane forest.

One of the typical foods from Manokwari is papeda or often called sago porridge. Papeda is made from sago flour and is usually eaten with a yellow broth which is made from tuna fish seasoned with turmeric and lime. Furthermore, there is also Manokwari's signature grilled fish which has an aroma that can make you sway your tongue. In addition there are also sago plates. This food is usually eaten as a snack with coffee or tea.

How to get there?
Manokwari has an airport named Rendani Airport, The distance between Rendani Airport to downtown Manokwari is about 5 km distance.

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