Hotels in Sumenep Regency

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  Safari Jaya Jl. Trunojoyo +62-328-662989
  Sumekar Hotel Jl. Dr. Cipto +62-328-662502
  Wijaya I JL. Trunojoyo +62-328-662243
  Wijaya II Jl. Wahid Hasyim +62-328-662532
  Hotel Utami Sumekar JL. Trunojoyo +62-328-672221
  Losmen Baitul Kamul Jl. Gersik Putih +62-328-663099

How To Reach Sumenep
Sumenep is listed in the eastern end of Madura Island. It is about 170 km from Tanjung Perak Port. One may reach Sumenep by bus from Purabaya Bus Station or takes the bus in Tanjung Perak Port. Sumenep can also be reached from Bali by passing throw Banyuwangi to Jangkar Port in Situbondo regency and the crossing by Very from Jagkar Port to Kalianget, one of the sub-district of Sumenep. It just needs four hours to cross.
Sumenep is a potential area for developing tourism objects. Besides historical places like Kraton and Tiny Museum, Traditional Art and Cultural Attractions as Mowangsangkal Dance and Bull Race, it also has beautiful beaches like Lombang beach and Slopeng Beach.

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