The Bamboo Wood


Interesting and diverse tourism destinations in East Java, including the Bamboo Wood in Lumajang. The chosen tourism that worth to visit, here the visitors can enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere.

Come and visit the bamboo wood covering 14 Ha area located at Sumber Mujur, Candipuro District. It is around 30 km far from city area of Lumajang by motorbikes or cars. It is a suitable tourism place for family, nature lovers, and scientific researches considering there are various kinds of bamboo species in the wood.

The bamboo wood Sumber Mujur looks elegant and has absolutely no impression of armature as if you heard it. The surrounding area is cool throughout the day. While inside the visitors are guaranteed not to be exposed to sunstroke, even though it comes during hot day. The sunlight can be muffled by lush bamboo leaves. Entering this bamboo forest like pushing a giant tunnel.

Throughout the bamboo forest, you can see hundreds of benign monkeys. Tourists can interact like giving food. Not only that, the visitors can also see thousands of bats hanging from the bamboo trees and surrounding trees. It can also be an educational medium for your child.

This unspoiled local environment is a special attraction for tourists, especially for those urbanites who crave a natural environment without pollution. To enter this Bamboo Wood Tourism object, visitors are free admission. But for the cost of conservation of this bamboo forest, the Sumber Mujur village only attract dues from traders who sell around these attractions

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