Batu Town Square

The Town Square is also called as a thousands flowers town square. It located in Jl. Gajahmada, Sisir village, Batu district. It has city park, mall, souvenirs center and public festival. The location is very strategic, because it stays in the center of Batu city, precisely beside ‘Tugu Apel’ (Apel Monument). It is the center of economic activity, recreation and culinary tourism in night day.
This recreation area is very crowded by visitors who want to spend their weekend day and enjoy the nuance of Batu city nuance.

Torong Park
Not far from the town square, there is water source with nature and field panorama around it. It is located in Torong sub-village, Sisir village, Batu district. This area is original and the real nature scenery that has fresh and cool air.

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