Art and Craft

Statue Handicraft
It is located in Dadaprejo village, Junrejo district. This statue handicraft industry has business relationship with Japan. It also has exported to many countries in the world and local area, such as; Malang, Surabaya, etc. This statue handicraft has different price, depend on its form and size.

Antique Furniture
Beside known as Apple city, Batu city is also famous with its furniture. Antique furniture industry is located in Pandanrejo village, Bumiaji district. That furniture often sends to Bali, Malang and even Malaysia. In Bali, this furniture is used for traditional ceremony.

Iron Handicraft (Gong And Agriculture Tools)
Iron handicraft industry is located in Junrejo village, Junrejo district. The famous iron handicrafts made by Batu are gong (one of Javanese music instrument) handicraft and agriculture tools. Although used manual tools, this industry able to produce 25 – 30 spades each days. Beside that, this handicraft industry able to compete in international market and often gets some orders from Netherland, German and Australia.

Cobek Handicraft
Cobek is a small earthen bowl cup, which usually used for crush some ingredients. This industry is located in Junrejo village, Junrejo district, Batu. The prices usually depend on the form and sizes. It common sends to Jember, Lumajang, Bondowoso, Banyuwangi and also the other area out to Java. The main material took from Blitar and Gunung Ngantang.

Wooden Handicraft (Househoold)
The other handicraft in Batu city is wooden handicraft of households, including rice scup, spatula, etc. It is located in Junrejo and Beji village, Junrejo district. There are many handcrafter here who able to produce about 2000 product.

Wijaya Wood Handicraft
This wooden handicraft home industry is located in Mojorejo village, Junrejo district. This wooden handicraft is made of Wijaya wood and has exported to some countries, including; Japan and Korea.
The products including; children miniature, school equipment for kindergarten, etc. The local buyers are also often order this wooden handicraft as their design.

Handicrafts Industry
Beside as tourism city, Batu is also known as home industry city. It is located in Beji village, Junrejo district. There are various handicrafts that usually sold as souvenirs. Beji village able to produced 25 kinds of handicrafts.

Plastic Handicraft Industry
This plastic home industry is located in Junrejo village, Junrejo district, Batu. There are many employers here and most of them are the members of society around. This industry is able to produce 2000 plastic bag each day. Bag plastic is handicraft product that always needed by people. These products even send to other countries.

Stove handicraft is one of handicraft products of home industry that located in Dadaprejo village, Junrejo district, Batu city. Stove is useful household that often ordered by many customers. This stove handmade has distributed to many cities in Indonesia, including; Medan, Maumere and Lampung.

Brass Industry
Today, Brass handicraft is the rareness product in our society. But Batu city still has brass craftsmen and produce brass product as consumers needs. This home industry is located in Dadaprejo village, Junrejo district. The producer is able to supply brass handicraft based on the consumer’s order. This brass handicraft is delivery product and the consumers can order any design as they want.

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