Songgoriti is located in Songgokerto village, Batu district, under the hillside of Mount Panderman and has a hot spring pool. There is temple Songgoriti and Ganesha Statue as the empire omission of Singosari and Dutch era. Songgoriti Temple is located in a dale dissociating between mountainsides of Arjuna with mountainside of Kawi. This temple has built with a hot spring, which had believed able to heal various diseases. Seen from its simple architecture style, this temple classified as eldest temple in Central Java and the decoration described Central Java manner.

Songgoriti tourism object is surrounded by nature scenery, so that it has fresh and cool air. This object is very interesting for anyone who wants to walk around for having relaxed or feel the real nature nuance.

Supo Temple Songgoriti
Temple is located in Songgoriti sub-village, Songgoriti village, Batu district. This old temple is located in Songgoriti tourism area and often visited by many tourists. Supo Temple is a heritage temple of mojopahit and believed by society around as place to wash heirloom thousands years ago. It is facilitated with; warm pool, swimming pool, hotels, villas, flower kiosk, souvenir shop, etc.

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