About Bangkalan Regency

Bangkalan regency has recognized in tourism world. Bangkalan come from word Bangka and La'an that means a victory. Its area region has 1267, 75 km2 width with the resident of 890,830 men (in 2004) spread over in 18 Districts and 281 village / sub-district. Its region boundaries are:
West side: Surabaya strait and Gresik regency
North side: Java Sea
South side: Madura strait
East side: Sampang regency

Bangkalan regency has lay in 6,510 39 - 7, 110 39 south latitudes and 1120 40'06 - 1130 08'44 west longitudes.
A strategic area of Bangkalan as “Point of Distribution", spreads the tourist to visit to Madura Island. Bangkalan has easy to reach by Ferry which operating 24 hours non-stop from Ujung towards Kamal during 45 minutes. The journey line from Kamal to Bangkalan is very easy and can be gone through public transportation rising of 18 kms.

Bangkalan regency is also one of region that related to the government plan to develop an industrialization in Kertasusila (Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, and Lamongan) area. Suramadu Bridge is the supporter access from Madura industrialization that expected to be the core town zone that is Surabaya.

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